Circular Design

Do you lack knowledge about how to think more circular in your design and products? Perhaps you are in doubt about how to respond to the new textile strategy from the EU?

Then we have several specialists in house with experience in circular design who can help you on your way.

We are based on your needs and together you will look through your products and collections to see what they hold of potential for improvement and how we in the best possible way future-proof your designs.

We help you with:

  • Latest knowledge in the field - legislation, tools and cases

  • Presentation and training in sustainable design strategies and circular design

  • Product and collection analysis of existing styles

  • Design and materials strategy

  • Product development and supplier match

  • Procedures and guidelines for how your future products are created

  • Action plans that break your strategy down to concrete actions and ensure implementation

We offer both one-off workshops and counselling sessions as well as longer courses with circular design. Whatever you choose, we ensure that the content is tailored to your needs and ambitions.

Contact our CSR specialist Camilla or our Textile and Production specialist Frederikke today to plan your circular design process.

Strong material and sustainable fashion knowledge

... with focus on development and production together with our customers

Responsible for

... our clothing customers in both the adult and children's universe

Background in

... purchasing, supplier communication, sourcing, sustainable and circular design


Textile & Production Specialist


Tlf.: +45 2763 6424



SDG ambassador and CSR specialist

... with a focus on advice and development within green transition, as well as working purposefully with the SDGs.

Responsible for

... advising companies on certifications, SDGs and B-Corp.

Background in

... circular design, SDG's and sourcing.


CSR Specialist

Tlf.: +45 2713 8301