Our SDG's

At Sourcing House, we have since the beginning in 2004, worked to create positive change and put social and environmental responsibility at the center. In our work and in all our partnerships, we focus on responsible business operations and sustainable development. We always have people and planet in mind, so we ensure a more holistic view of what a responsible company is and how it operates.

Therefore, we also work with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, because they first and foremost relate directly to our work and our responsibility as a company, but also because they are a common language and guiding star for how we are to drive positive and sustainable change.

At Sourcing House, we work with SDGs 8, 12 and 17.

With an eternal focus on respect for people in production and social sustainability, we continuously work with challenges and opportunities related to SDG 8 – Decent Work and Economic Growth. Including labour rights, safe working environments, anti-discrimination, etc.

As a knowledge house, our most important task is that we constantly use our competencies to motivate companies and suppliers to act sustainably, show them the importance of running a responsible business and communicate the seriousness we face both inside and outside our industry. Therefore, we use our voice and role to move on several agendas under SDG 12 – Responsible Consumption and Production. This includes responsible use and management of natural resources, waste and chemicals, and reducing waste volumes, which is a widespread problem in the fashion and textile industry.

Finally, we work with SDG 17 – Partnerships for action, as partnerships are the foundation on which Sourcing House is built. Partnerships with suppliers to create more responsible manufacturing, partnerships with like-minded people in the industry to advance the sustainable agenda, and partnerships with customers who want to take their business in a better direction. Together we can succeed with our and the world's goals and ambitions for sustainable development.

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