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Our Showroom

Our showroom is located at our office in Copenhagen. Here we have material samples from our suppliers, which consist of everything from GOTS certified cotton to peace silk and certified recycled fibers. It is a space for inspiration, development and collaboration and is used by the whole house to advise customers about their wishes in relation to certifications, positive impact and innovative materials. In our showroom you can also find and borrow pantone books, so you can find just the right colors.

We have suppliers in most parts of the world from Europe over Turkey to India and China. The purpose of our showroom is to represent our suppliers and create easy access to knowledge and knowledge about materials.

We work exclusively with suppliers who stand for social and environmental responsibility and who share our vision and values. In this way, we encourage the fashion and textile industry to act more sustainably, and thus we can also help brands on the way to a more sustainable business.


We continuously update our showroom with innovative materials and fibres so that we always represent the latest developments and trends in textiles.


Our door is always open, so please contact us and make an appointment for a stop by at our showroom.

Below is a selection of our fabric suppliers, all of which are showcased in our showroom. You can read more about them by clicking on the logos, or take a look at our worldmap


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