CSR + Rådgivning + certificeringer

Our Approach

As a company in the world, we have a responsibility for our environmental and climate impact, for the people we work with and for running a healthy business that provides a safe and good workplace. And we do not believe that one sustainability parameter should or can stand without the others.

At Sourcing House, we operate according to a redefined understanding of the CSR concept, called "Corporate Sustainability and Responsibility". For us, CSR is about integrating social, ethical, environmental and climate responsibility holistically into the way we do business – internally as well as in our collaborations.

Therefore, we also work with our customers and suppliers to improve current conditions so that they live up to the holism that we and the industry's other stakeholders demand. Among other things, we offer advice and sparring on a wealth of CSR issues - so that together we can create greater value for all partners and for our surroundings.

We want to use our competencies to motivate companies and suppliers to act sustainably. We want to show the importance of running a responsible business. And we want to communicate the seriousness we face, both inside and outside our industry.

As a consulting firm, knowledge sharing is one of our most important tasks. Our advice is tailored to your needs, whether it is a longer, fixed course or single standing hours. To ensure the best possible process, you will always receive a written offer based on an initial meeting.


Our vision

That companies fully integrate positive social and environmental impacts as success parameters in their business and work purposefully to reduce their negative impact on people and the environment.

Our mission

To enable sustainable development in our partnerships and increase the level of knowledge of our stakeholders.